Since 1993

Shared Commercial Kitchen


As we all try to get closer to our food there is a movement toward more local and artisan food options. Across the country more and more food entrepreneurs are entering the food industry. Our shared kitchen concept provides a clean, safe and licenses space to develop you business from a hobby to a career. From baked goods to jams and sauces we have what you need to grow your business. In addition to the kitchen we also provide insight into packaging, sourcing, distribution and navigating the retail food business.

Food Trucks have been popping up and provide a cost effective way for aspiring chefs to enter the restaurant industry without the high cost of building a full service restaurant. Use of a licensed kitchen is often an essential part of a successful food truck business.

Food is not just to eat, its also an entertaining experience. Celebrate a special occasion with a unique food inspired event. From children's parties to adult get togethers we can create a memorable experience.